Our Vision

To be an effective instrument for Divine service, we must have a personal spiritual practice that sustains our living connection to the Divine within.  Seva without spirituality is a sure path to burn out. In the words of Meister Eckhart,
“The outer work can never be great if the inner work is small, and the outer work can never be small if the inner work is great.”

  • We honor our spiritual responsibility to our earth family and to future generations by living our daily commitment to our individual faith and spiritual practice, for the sake of the Divine’s love for Creation.
  • We work on our characters to enable us to live more and more each day from our hearts, for the sake of the Divine. We practice living from qualities such as loving-kindness, generosity, attentiveness, respect, joy, listening, patience, humility.  We practice being loving, patient, forgiving, merciful and compassionate towards ourselves for our limitations and imperfections as we work on our characters

  • We commit to doing inner work so that we can be a container of Love, and to healing our hearts and clearing our thoughts of separation, such as thoughts or feelings of conflict, violence, greed, envy, vengeance and hatred.

  • We respect and love all religions.  In our interfaith community prayers, meditations, worship, and celebrations, spontaneous prayers and songs, we generally refer to the Divine energy or light, rather than any one form of the Divine to the exclusion of others. We maintain an inclusive atmosphere at all times in our community prayers.
  • We commit to praying for each other in the community daily.  We pray from our hearts directly to the Divine, that Divine Love, Mercy, Healing and Grace may go where it is most needed to each individual in the community, and to their families.
  • We commit to praying for the soul of Humanity and the soul of the Earth daily.
  • With an attitude of Seva, we perform our daily activities with love for the Divine within all of Creation.  We infuse love, joy, attentiveness and reverence for the sacred into our daily activities of cooking, walking, washing, cleaning, eating, growing food, caring for each other, working, and playing.
  • We commit to perform one kind gesture for another person, and/or one kind gesture for Nature every day.
  • We listen to our hearts regularly for the ways we feel moved to make an outer contribution to Humanity and Nature, in our ordinary daily lives – home, family, work, and/or community life.
  • We practice feeling gratefulness in our hearts, irrespective of inner and outer circumstances.
  • We affirm the Oneness of the Divine, and love and respect the diversity, uniqueness and interconnectedness of the Divine spark and expression in every form.