Maher Interfaith Association of Service to Humanity and Nature

By Maher May 1, 2019


Honoring Two Years of Inspiring Service

On 1st Feb 2019, the Maher family took great joy in celebrating two years of selfless service to mankind and nature through the Maher Interfaith Association of Service to Humanity and Nature with associates and visitors from Austria, Germany, Finland, India, the U.K. and the U.S.

The annual gathering was conducted with great courage, joy and enthusiasm. Guests and association members were greeted by a Maher student who took the initiative to spread joy with everyone, bringing “Love is my Religion” forward with a SMILE. Sr. Lucy was pleased that the meeting was attended by a large number of friends and Maher well wishers, including spiritual leaders who made it a point to bless the 2nd anniversary of the Association.

Embodying the Association’s Spirit The program began with a “Peace March” starting at Champa, one of Maher’s centers in Vadu. The crowd sang a devotional Song until the celebrants reached Maher’s Aboli home, where the program was conducted.

Volunteers from abroad welcomed the “Peace March” with a lighted lamp welcomed the rally and took part in the Maher Interfaith Association program with great joy. The program at Aboli began with a beautiful devotional song – let people treat one another as all are people of one God.

Interfaith Coordinator Mangesh Pol organized the gathering and led “Ye mat kaho khudase”and a silent meditation accompanied by soft instrumental music. He gave a short introduction of the program.

In keeping with the association’s belief that“love is our religion,” readings were shared from the Bible, Bhagavad-Gita, and Quran. The Bible verse was read by Joanna Brelstaff from the U.K. Sandeep Mehtre read the passage from the Bhagavad Gitaand Rahim Haji read verses from the Quran. Through these readings emphasizing the importance of love in each of these major faiths, the Association members emphasized the oneness of all religious traditions based on love .

Akshay Kanse, a Maher student, read the report for the year in English and Maher President Hirabegum Mullaread the report in Hindi.

Christine Lendorfer, an Austrian volunteer and Maher supporter, sang a beautiful song filled with joy and happiness to spread the message of love to everyone. Sr. Lucy Kurien, founder-director of the Interfaith Association, announced three-year appointments for the following new board members:

  • Hirabegum Mulla
  • Nikhil Khedkar
  • Mathew Joseph
  • Prakash Kothavale
  • Gaus Sayyad
  • Harish Awchar

The new board members took an oath administered by Sr. Lucy Kurien. Sr. Lucy offered an inspirational message entitled, “Giving Love to Others” and the way the gift of love can change the thinking of those who give and those who receive in good ways. Sr. Lucy specially thanked, Sherry L. Helmke and Lynda Morrissey for their help and support.

The program closed with a prayer “Hich Amuchi Prathana” and a vote of thanks by Vikram Bhujbal.

About the Interfaith Association of Service to Humanity and Nature

The association was founded on Feb. 2, 2017 to mark the 20th anniversary of Maher, an organization that walks with women, children, men and villages in need in India as they rise to new life.

The Interfaith Association of Service to Humanity and Nature (IASHN) is grounded in the Maher community’s belief in the power of all religions to light the world. IASHN was founded by Maher’s Founder and Director Sr. Lucy Kurien and Maher youth inspired by Sr. Lucy’s belief that “love is my religion.” The association is a way that Maher youth and others can take this powerful thought and spread the message of love to the whole world. Approximately 200 people from 08 countries have pledged to uphold the Association’s principles of spiritual practice, service, and respect for the world’s faith traditions.

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