Interfaith Report 2017

By Maher May 1, 2019



Sr. Lucy has long said “Love is my religion” with a full heart and tears in her eyes.

She shared the mission of this bold new interfaith community, which is to serve humankind and nature regardless of diverse religions, faith or believes .

“It is not us who do the service, but the Divine who does the service thru us”.

She closed her remarks by urging each one of us to every day do one act of kindness for nature or another brother and sister around the world.

The gathering closed with people singing Hindu, Muslim and Christian chants.

  1. Thru this time we did an interfaith activity where we wrote Peace and Love messages on posters and attach them on the walls of different Maher centers.
  2. Maher homes were hosting special prayers for peace and love with people of different casts and religions. 
  3. May peace be in our village, country and world to make this world more beautiful.
  4. Vermiculture: Thru this process using worms to decompose organic food waste, turning the waste into a nutrient-rich material capable of supplying necessary nutrients to help sustain plant growth, Maher has planted large gardens of vegetables to create more sustainable living at Vatsalyadham center.
  5. No plastic bags: To contribute reducing the issue of plastic pollution in the waters and lands Maher has created new ways to stop using plastic bags. At the Vadhu production unit Sari bags are manufactured for personal use and for wholesale to anyone interested in helping the environment and making a contribution to the Maher organization. In Karunalaya the production of paper bags for many different uses are manufactured and available; creating awareness and a new solution to this issue that encompasses the world.
  6. Biogas: Adding to the contribution Maher has towards the environment it has chosen to use biogas which is a type of biofuel that is naturally produced from the decomposition of organic waste. It is a sustainable way of improving the life of India’s countrymen by bridging the energy deficit in greener way, while reducing pollution and waste of our cities.
  7. Water conservation: Maher has created a system where they use recycled waste water for irrigation of the vegetable gardens and lawns reducing the consumption of fresh water.
  8. Homeless destitute: Maher is always showing care and compassion to the most in need on our communities. This is why they have a team that approaches homeless people offering support, advice and in many occasions a caring refuge in some of their homes. Some friends informed that their were having interfaith prayer at all their gatherings.

Whenever we notice that in our village or within ourselves there was some tension between two castes or religions, Maher as an institute tried to calm it down in a better way.

In every common function we have an interfaith prayer and in every home we put the symbols of very religion. In all our actions and words and some tried to convey love and peace.

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